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Course Open Stage 3 Compulsory Mats required Updated: 11th Apr 2024

Validity of Golf Competitions

Members may recall in April 2019 that the Memorial Trophy was played in atrocious conditions, subsequently cancelled and then (due to a lack of pre-determined rules) reinstated.

In an attempt to avoid further confusion should similar conditions be encountered, Ashton Golf Committee recommended to the Club Directors a set of parameters which will govern the validity of Board Competitions and non-Board Competitions. The recommendations were approved at the Board Meeting held on 17th June 2019.

To preserve the integrity of Board Competitions, players now need to be aware that such competitions will only be recognised as valid if there are a minimum of 50 paid entrants and a minimum of 35 players complete the course. If either of these numbers are not met, the competition will revert to a standard stroke or stableford competition, with the Board Competition being re-scheduled at a later date. For non-Board competitions to stand, the minimum number of paid entrants is 20, with 10 players completing the course.

Should any competition be abandoned part-way through resulting in players being unable to complete the course, those players entrance fees will be returned (excluding two’s monies). Should there be no two’s recorded in a competition, one entrant’s name will be drawn out as the two’s winner.

It is hoped that Members will embrace the above rules which apply forthwith to all competitions impacted by weather or other conditions resulting in a reduced field of players. These rules will of course be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure they remain appropriate.
Ashton Golf Committee

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