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Every Day is a Demo Day

Here at Ashton we don’t need to have specific Manufacturers Demo Days as every day is a DEMO DAY! We have all the latest woods and irons for you to try and also be expertly fitted.


Would you like to see if you could gain Distance or Accuracy? Simply come along and have a  FREE TRIAL.

Comfort is a Must

Much has been made of the benefits of golf on our physical and mental health in recent years, with a study by Edinburgh University even claiming playing regularly can increase your life expectancy. Part of their research found that golfers typically burn around 500 calories during 18 holes, which isn’t surprising given the distance we travel.

How far are you actually walking?

A recent R&A experiment suggested the average total distance walked was 6.6 miles, with factors such as the number of shots taken (depicted in the illustration) playing a key role.

If you were to go on a seven-mile walk you’d certainly make sure you were wearing your most comfortable shoes, so why is golf any different? Call into the Pro Shop to see our latest range and offers.

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