Course Status

Course Open Stage 1 Updated: 3rd May 2024

Course Closure Policy

As from Monday 14th November and throughout the winter months, the playability of the golf course will be classified as one of the following stages:

Stage 1 - Course Open with no restrictions  (The course will be open and the use of trolleys and buggies will be permitted. The use of mats will be optional).

Stage 2 - Course Open -  No Ride on Buggy vehicles allowed  (The use of ride-on buggies will not be permitted.  The use of mats is strongly recommended).

Stage 3 - Course Open -  Carry Only  (There will be a carry only rule enforced and the use of mats will be strongly advised).

Throughout the winter there will be preferred lies 'through the green' and the bunkers will be 'rake and place'.  Should the entire bunker be flooded then a free drop will be allowed but players must play over the bunker towards the flag and not move their golf ball to the side.

Players should consult with the Pro-Shop to ascertain the fitness rating of the course.

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