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Course Open Stage 1 Updated: 3rd May 2024


Welcome to our Membership Section.

We welcome applications for membership and the tariff below reflects our 2018 charges. Our subscriptions are payable in two instalments during the year which reduces the financial burden of finding the whole amount in one payment. We accept Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Credit Card and Standing Order arrangements.

Joining Fee

We retain a joining fee of £1000 for Full Male Membership.  This amount may be settled in various instalment agreements:

1. If you pay £1000 in one instalment, you will receive £100 on your 'Bar Card', a £100 Voucher for the Professional Shop and 2 Free Lessons in Peter Allan's Teaching Simulator.

2. 4 Instalments of £250 (payable in line with the subscriptions). This will be settled in 2 years (pro rata for Lady Membership).

3. 20 instalments of £50 (payable in line with the subscriptions). This will be settled in 10 years (pro rata for Lady Membership).

Annual Subscription

The Full Male Membership is £910 per annum.

The Full Lady Membership is £728 per annum.  (See Taster Offer Below)

'Colts' Membership (22 - 24) is £500 per annum.

'Colts' Membership (25 - 27) is £600 per annum.

NB - All 'Colts' Membership (22 - 27) is subject to 50% Entrance Fee.

Intermediate Membership is £200 per annum.

Junior Membership (Under 18) is £120 per annum.

Junior Membership (Under 14) is £40 per annum.

House Membership is £50 per annum.


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