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Members Working Party

Over the past few years, you may have noticed a number of improvements taking place at Ashton Golf Club - for example the extended car park, improved pathways throughout the course, winter tees, new laurel shrubs by the 7 th and 11 th tees, re-juvenated ponds at the back of the 13 th and aside the 15 th hole, over 700 metres of fencing alongside the 17 th fairway and 18 th tee, and more recently the new paths and gravel areas outside the men's changing area.

Have you ever stopped to think who does all this work? Greens staff? Contractors? Elves that live in the woods? In fact all of the above and much more besides is carried out by a small group of members who readily volunteer their time and services because they are passionate about their golf course and want to see continual improvement.

The Volunteer Working Group was established approximately seven years ago with the support of the Greens Committee and Greens staff. Suggestions and priorities are formed and costings provided by Dave Howells (now retired, but who had his own building firm for some 40 years). Once agreed, materials are obtained and work undertaken – usually on Wednesday mornings, often starting around 7.00am!

The Group currently comprises Neville Fairclough, David Hague, David Howells, Alan Roberts, Bob Welding and Allan Wood. Over the years it is estimated they have saved the Club over £200,000 by undertaking work themselves – which otherwise may have meant an increase in member subscriptions!

Despite their continuing efforts, individuals in the group are 'increasing in years' and would dearly welcome some younger members to the team. Experience isn't necessary – just a degree of enthusiasm and a passion for seeing Ashton Golf Club continue to thrive. If you would like to help please contact Dave Howells, or any member of the group, or indeed Garry Lacy who will put you in touch.

So when you next visit the Club, please take the time to look around at many of the things we all take for granted and give a vote of thanks to the 'unseen' Volunteer Working Group.

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